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Green Your Routine Trial Kit

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Green Your Routine Trial Kit features curated One Love Organics minis to promote a happy, ultra-radiant complexion.  We’ve included a special Headband (available in this kit only!) and our radiance-boosting Cleansing Sponge to make this ritual even more special.  


Priced at $49 (a $86 value), don’t miss this unique opportunity to experience a complete regimen of OLO favorites.   

The kit features:   

  • Mini Botanical B Enzyme Cleansing Oil ($12 Value)
  • Mini Botanical A Facial Cleanser ($11 Value)
  • The Cleansing Sponge ($10 Value)
  • Mini Brand New Day Microderma Scrub + Masque ($19 Value)
  • Micro Skin Dew  ($8 Value)
  • Micro Skin Savior ($8 Value)
  • Spa Headband ($18 Value)  


The Ritual  

Step #1: Double-Cleanse: Oil cleansing will break up oil-based buildup like makeup and sunscreen, while treatment cleansing will dissolve dead skin and water-based impurities, such as dirt.    

  • Work a small amount of Botanical B Cleansing Oil into your clean, dry hands to warm up, then massage onto a dry face. Rinse clean with warm water.  
  • Follow immediately by adding a small amount of Botanical A Facial Cleanser on The Cleansing Sponge. Work the sponge onto skin, massaging gently until foam starts to appear. Rinse clean with warm water.   
  • Finally, take the sponge and rinse it clean. Hold the sponge over the eye area to soften any remaining makeup. Use the tip of the sponge to remove makeup more closely around the eyes. Rinse skin clean again and pat dry.  

 Step #2: Exfoliate & Masque: We recommend exfoliating up to three times per week to clear away skin congestion and set the foundation for a luminous look.   

  • Using light pressure, apply Brand New Day Microderma Scrub + Masque to clean, damp skin, avoiding the eye area. Massage using upward, circular motions. Rinse clean.   

Step #3: Moisturize: Our customer favorite cream is bound to become a must in your skin routine, thanks to its featherlight feel and lush hydrating qualities.   

  • Massage a small amount of Skin Dew Coconut Water Cream into still-damp skin.   

Step #4: Lock in Hydration: Super-serve skin with our waterless hydrating balm, which can also be used to spot-treat dry patches.    

  • Start small—with this rich treatment balm, a little goes a long way!   
  • Massage a small amount of Skin Savior Balm using sweeping motions. Gently pat around the under-eye area.  
  • Use additional, as necessary, to spot treat dry patches, soothe chapped lips, tame eyebrows or highlight skin.   

Perfect for:  

This signature One Love Organics ritual is suitable for all skin types. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Aminie Mohip
Great Kit

It has a little of everything, in the right sizes for traveling! Love this kit!

Christine Cottrill
Perfect kit

This kit is well worth the price. I have very sensitive skin and wanted to try out some other facial products. The travel sizes are generous portions. One observation for the Bio A cleanser, the lid comes off & there’s no cap that helps the cleanser come out slowly. It can easily be tipped or too much of the product come out especially if using in the shower and traveling. A small whole at the top would be a better design, after removing screw lid. But I love the light scent and how it feels on my skin afterwards. The heart sponge is fabulous. Gentle and soft on my skin!
I’m 44 yrs old with combo sensitive skin but as I’ve aged it’s gotten drier. I had a reaction on my eyes to the savior balm and it was too scented. I love love the B cleansing oil and bought this at another store before coming here to get the travel kit to try out other OLO products. The masque is great and I’ll be adding it to my weekly routine. The skin dew coconut moisturizer is still up for debate. I love that it’s unscented and I didn’t have any allergy reaction to it. But it seems after applying with some time it feels a bit like it’s clogging my pores maybe. When I touch my face and run finger over it feels like it’s not absorbing & causes me to pick some at my face. So unsure on this moisturizer.

Marion A Crouse
Travel kit

I love OLO products and so glad to find these kits for my travel needs. I also buy these kits for gifts. Great way to introduce the product to friends. I hope you continue carrying these travel kits and products size

Pamela S McGovern

I have purchased several of these-they are great for traveling, great to try out OLO, and great to give as a gift. I hope that this is a regular product.

Great gifts

I started with this kit in Jan 2022. Since then, I have bought all the products in this kit, because they are that good!

Also, bought these for Mother's Day and Birthdays so I always have something on hand!

I now use these small bottles to travel with.

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