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Fresh + Radiant Eye Kit

Fresh + Radiant Eye Kit

The skin around your eyes are the first areas to reveal the signs of aging or fatigue. Smooth fine lines, de-puff and revitalize with Fresh + Radiant Eye Kit, our essential eye care kit. 



Do I use both products together? 

Yes—especially if you’re looking for extra-dedicated skin care! First, tap on Love + Eyebright Eye Serum. Next, apply Botanical E Eye Balm to the orbital bone. This is a great evening ritual. 

Which product is better for AM? For PM?

Love + Eyebright Eye Serum is lighter-weight, making it perfect for AM and daytime use. Botanical E Eye Balm is thicker and richer, so it’s the ideal nighttime treatment. 

I have puffy under-eyes! Help.

Love + Eyebright Eye Serum’s antioxidant-rich formula and cooling rollerball applicator work best to help de-puff. Pop yours in the fridge before using to enhance these benefits. 

I’m concerned about crow’s feet! Help.

Botanical E Eye Balm nourishes the thinner, more delicate skin around the eye area to assist in addressing the signs of aging. Love + Eyebright Eye Serum contains skin-soothing botanical eyebright, which help target these concerns. 


Fresh + Radiant Eye Kit