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A Note From Suzanne

Nature and science have played equally important roles in my life as far back as I can remember. I was raised on a farm in Georgia where my pharmacist father taught me the value of combining the two from an early age. My analytical mind drove me to college and law school, while my deep belief in nature led me towards a holistic approach to health and beauty. Practicing law full time intensified my reliance on self-care and passion for a well-executed beauty ritual. Before long, I was a lawyer by day and a formal student of aromatherapy, herbology and cosmetic chemistry by night!

After having my sons, my commitment to health and wellness deepened. My husband, Chase, encouraged me to put my appreciation of nature, strategic abilities, and serious love of a good serum to use. I was inspired to create clean products that were effective, luxurious, elegant and supportive of a healthy and happy lifestyle. In 2010, One Love Organics was born and Chase and I have never looked back. We chose the name as a daily reminder of what’s most important: to live and love well.

With Love,

Suzanne LeRoux, Founder

About Us 1

The Manifesto

We embrace the simplicity and the knowledge that you can achieve more with less.

We believe in the power of the beauty ritual to renew, relax, and transform.

We trust in the healing power of plants.

We declare that love is the greatest, most powerful force on earth.

What We Do

In short, we use innovative skincare science to harness the healing power of plants. Our speciality is in holistic skincare essentials packed with vitamins and antioxidants for fresh, radiant skin.


Why We Do It

Many women have lost their excitement for the beauty aisle because of ingredient safety, ethical concerns, or simply the overwhelm of having so many products to choose from. OLO has two missions. The first is to help women discover the beauty ritual that feels like home. The one that they love, can depend on, and look forward to every single day. Second, we want to bring back the JOY that comes from shopping for beauty products women can trust. Delivering healthy, glowing skin is what we do, but we won’t compromise on safety, environmental sustainability, and kindness to animals.

Quality above everything

At One Love Organics, we put innovation before marketing, which means that every consumer purchase goes back into developing the next evolution of high-performing, plant-based products. Every ingredient we use has an essential benefit: no fillers, bases, or shortcuts! We carefully source and select only the highest quality ingredients from producers we trust, relying on plant-powered nutrients to provide fresh, luminous results.

What sets us apart

Unlike many beauty brands, we pride ourselves on being hands-on every step of the way: from formulation to manufacturing to packaging. We make everything in small micro-batches to ensure unmatched freshness and quality for truly transformative results. Our small but high-tech lab is located in the beautiful Golden Isles of Georgia, a community we’ve called home since our humble beginnings nearly a decade ago.