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See Ya, Single-Use
One Love Organics

See Ya, Single-Use

Ahead, we’re dishing on our sustainable single-use alternative: One Love Organics Trial + Travel Sized Products. Read on!


When we began our ECOCERT/COSMOS certification process years ago, we learned that part of the approval process was committing to using completely recyclable packaging and reducing packaging waste, wherever possible. Even if wished to offer single-use products, ECOCERT doesn’t allow one-and-done packaging. (An initiative we fully support.)

We understand the benefits of testing a formula before investing in a full-size product. But when researching product packaging, we discovered that most single-use samples are never even used. That’s a lot of landfill waste!

See Ya, Single-Use 1


That’s why we developed a line of Trial + Travel Sized Products. Each are last designed to last one month (and sometimes more), giving you plenty of time to see if they’re a fit for your skincare needs. Packaged in fully recyclable glass—or recyclable plastic where necessary—they’re a more sustainable, more thoughtful way to sample skincare.


But samples aren’t the only single-use beauty products. Trendy sheet masks and use-‘em-and-toss-‘em makeup wipes still dominate the skin market, creating unnecessary waste. Wean yourself off these products with our favorite swaps, below.

Instead of a sheet mask…

Opt for a certified organic face mask in a recyclable glass jar, like our Love + Charcoal Masque.

Instead of makeup wipes…

Choose from our from our two all-natural, biodegradable Cleansing Sponges, made from the root of the konjac plant. Select bamboo for detoxifying properties or rose clay for gentle cleansing properties.

We understand single-use may not be going away soon, but when it comes to our skin care regimen, our small decisions can help create a more sustainable—and beautiful—future.