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Twice as nice: Why you should be double-cleansing
One Love Organics

Twice as nice: Why you should be double-cleansing

The expression “twice as nice” exists for a reason—and it’s particularly apropos when it comes to washing your face. That’s right, we’re big fans of cleansing twice, in a signature OLO ritual called “double-cleansing.” 

Why cleanse two times? Well, your face is the most-exposed part of your body: It takes on everything from makeup and sunscreen to dirt, dust, sweat, and oxidized sebum (the chemical reaction that occurs when the oil from your pores interacts with oxygen, causing inflammation and, ultimately, acne). By double-cleansing, with both an oil-based andwater-based product, you can deftly address all of these potential pore-clogging issues. 

Our founder Suzanne LeRoux explains, 

Double-cleansing has been a game changer in my skincare routine for the past 12 years—I never miss a night of it! Double cleansing is simply the use of an oil-based cleanser massaged on dry skin to first break up grime, makeup, and sunscreen prior to following up with a secondary treatment-oriented cleanser to really work its magic and remove grime and sweat. This easy 2-step ritual leaves my skin thoroughly cleansed, exfoliated and conditioned and prepped for treatment serums and my favorite moisturizers.

Here’s how it works. 


Start by washing your face with an oil-based cleanser, such as our Botanical B Enzyme Cleansing Oil. Given that “like dissolves like,” the oil cleanser works to break up oil-based grime (such as your favorite foundation or concealer), setting the stage for a fresh-faced finish. 

The process:
Work several pumps of oil into your hands to warm up, then massage onto a dry face, using sweeping motions. Rinse clean with warm water. 



Twice as nice: Why you should be double-cleansing 2

Follow immediately with a foaming cleanser, such as Botanical A Facial Cleanser. Featuring naturally derived AHA and BHA, this treatment cleanser sweeps away dead skin and water-based impurities, such as dirt, for a radiant glow. 

The process:
Add a couple of pumps of cleanser onto our Pink Cleansing Sponge. Work the sponge onto skin, massaging gently until foam starts to appear. Rinse clean with warm water. 

Next, take the sponge and rinse it clean. Hold the sponge over the eye area to soften any remaining makeup. Use the tip of the sponge to remove makeup more closely around the eyes. Rinse skin clean again and pat dry. 

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