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Super-Radiant Skin Kit

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The kit:

Get that luminous look in three easy steps with our Super-Radiant Skin Kit. Featuring our best-selling oil cleanser-slash-makeup remover, our tropical fruit enzyme exfoliator, and our ultra-hydrating hyaluronic acid moisturizer, this curated kit is a simple way to promote an extraordinary glow. Use regularly to encourage clear, soft and supple skin.  

The ritual:  

Cleanse skin with Botanical B Enzyme Cleansing Oil, rinsing clean. Follow immediately by massaging into skin Brand New Day Microderma Scrub & Masque, leaving on for an additional five minutes to amplify radiance. (Use up to three times weekly)  

Finish by massaging Love + Rose Hydrating Serum onto still-damp skin to encourage maximum absorption. The result is a healthy-looking complexion that’s dewy, buoyant and oh-so-touchable.   

Perfect for: 

This radiance-enhancing ritual is appropriate for all skin types. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews

I absolutely love all the products so far!

Kevin Kreiger
Gorgeous products (at a gorgeous price)

I've been a strictly organic skincare devotee for 30 years now (and was a long-time Chinese herbalist/nutritionist with a speciality in personal environmental toxins, including skin and bodycare).... committed to filtering my shower water to minimize the disheartening array of chemicals, both for skin quality and to prevent the way our pores open in warm water and soak up the chlorine, ammonia, and other unhealthy aspects of most US tap water.... as well as a devoted OneLove user for over 2 years. My 60+-year-old skin is grateful for 3 decades of clean care, but never has it been as comfortable as it's been with these products. This trio (along with the Vit D Mist) are in my primary regimen.

* As I've gotten older, oil-based cleansers have become the core. The Botanical B strikes that perfect balance between effective cleansing and silky skin immediately after.
* One Love's Vit D mist (not in this package) resets things beautifully.
* My skin is on the sensitive side, so scrubs have always been tricky. For some reason, Brand New Day (applied with an extremely soft touch, folks, completely avoiding the eye area, and only leaving it on ~ 1 minute) works beautifully on a 2x/weekly basis. I never come away red, irritated, or dried out in any way.
* Love and Rose finishes the process with just enough hydration to stand alone (but also works incredibly well beneath a light moisturizer), and.... as trite as this sounds in the skincare industry.... leaves my skin glowing.

Obviously, the discounted package price makes this bunch considerably more approachable. (Let's be honest: serum prices aren't for the faint of heart.) This batch is so so worth the investment, especially for slightly older skin. Very happy to have it in my life.

Heather Bloem
Such a great bundle!

Bought one and received one for Christmas, and I love all the products in here, especially the Botanical B Enzyme Cleansing Oil!


I bought several for Christmas gifts. I used these products daily. My friends should be happy using them alos.

Great deal!

I keep extra B on hand at all times. I keep the travels sizes in my toiletries bag so I'm never without it. The brand new day works great and love to use it as a mask! Can't live without the Love and Rose. It's light enough to use daily and under makeup. Even during hot FL Summers.

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